Ecotoxicological assessment and hazard classification under REACH and other international regulations (Detergent Regulation, Pharmaceuticals norms, and Globally Harmonization Systems of Classification and Labeling of Chemicals) for various chemical / chemical products (pesticides, detergents, pharmaceuticals, metals, biocides, chemical industrial) and contaminated environmental samples (soil, sediments, surface water, waste water, sludge) on aquatic organisms (such as fish, planktonic shellfish, ostracods, ciliates, rotifers, microalgae, luminiscent bacteria, macrophytes) and terrestrial (tall plants).

  • Assessing the toxicity potential on aquatic organisms (carp or crucian spawn) by acute lethal toxicity bioassays;
    • Determination of acute lethal toxicity of substances / chemical products and / or waste water towards fresh water fish (eurythermals) – LC50 test
  • Evaluation of the inhibitory effect on aquatic organisms by acute bioassays
    • Determination of the effect of acute immobilization on Daphnia magna
    • Determination of inhibitory effect on the growth of freshwater algae (unicellular green algae) (sp. Selenastrumcapricornutum, with the current name Pseudokirchneriellasubcapitata)
  • Determination of the inhibiting effect on luminescent bacteria Vibrio fischeri