Evaluation of primary and ultimate aerobic biodegradability of chemicals (including detergents, cleaning and disinfection agents, wastewater, oil, plastics) using standard methods OECD / ISO / EN and provide the necessary information to complete safety data sheets.

  • Assessment of "ultimate" aerobic biodegradability of wastewater and / or substances / chemical mixtures;
    • COD method -Determination of dissolved organic carbon. Static test assessment of "light aerobic" biodegradability;
    • biochemical oxygen consumption method- respirometry closed bottle test;
  • Assessment of aerobic biodegradation of wastewater and / or substances / preparations.
    • Zahn-Wellensmethod – static test of "inherent" aerobic biodegradability assessment
    • Activated sludge inhibition of oxygen consumption. Evaluation of the inhibitory effect ofwastewater/substances on the activated sludge microorganisms